Ayalolo transport are jokers,they waste passengers time- Passengers fumes.

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Ayalolo transport was introduced to the country to help the citizens of Ghana in the means of easy transportation.

For some time now customers of the Ayalolo transport have got a big blow in the capital city just because of the rampant increase in fuel.

The management of the transport company has seen it to be a major factor causing slot of stress to their customers.

Their current bus stations in the city are crowded with lot of passengers in queues every morning just to make their ends meet but no buses found and its very stressful when they get to the station to board the bus back to their various homes in the evening.

I don’t know whether kasoa is more productive than the city where the management has moved more buses to their stations; a passenger fumes.

I don’t know who manages this Aayalolo Transport. All I can say is that they are incompetent. They think this country belongs to them errrr. Another passenger fumes.

We appealing to the management of Ayalolo transport company to serve at its best.



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