Foto Copy’s “School Dey Be” hits 1 million views on Youtube

8-year Old Foto Copy celebrates 1 million views on youtube for his song “School Dey Be”.
The song which was released in November features Dancehall King Shatta Wale. “School Dey Be” is a song that talks about education and its importance. The song has been leading Adom FM’s central regions chart for over 5 months now.
After the release of the song, the 8-year-old was appointed an ambassador for Twellium product Pure Delight biscuit. His influence has made a lot of people go back to school citing the relevance of education.
Apart from Awards like 3 music Awards next rated act from the Central region, Emerging music awards young artiste of the year, and top performances at Dope Concert and others, Foto Copy’s “School Dey Be” was featured at World Children’s day and was no.1 on Voice Of America(VOA) top ten songs for the celebration.
Speaking to Abeiku Santana of Okay fm, he clarified that he feels every child has the right t be educated, hence he finds it difficult to comprehend when there are kids on the street. When asked how he combines education and music, he responded, “I do music on weekends, I go to school from Monday to Friday and on weekends I practice”.
He was further asked how he gets his lyrics, ” When I get the idea, I send my dad a voice note through WhatsApp for him to write it and polish it for me”, he stated. Foto Copy’s ability to express himself during interviews and his confidence on stage have set him up on a different level.
At his age and considering the work he has put in, it is no surprise his music is traveling this far. He recently traveled to South Africa to work on his next project which will definitely take the world by surprise.
Check out School Dey Be below: Follow him on social media @Fotocopymusic

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