How African Food Network took guests on a culinary journey through African Food & Drinks festival

On Sunday, April 18th, 2022, the African Food Network hosted a multicultural culinary phenomenon that has never been attempted before in Ghana; Ghana’s first African Foods and Drinks Festival.

The mouth-watering, family-friendly festival featured delicacies from the streets of Accra, to the streets of Lagos, all the way down to Benin. Showcasing street cuisine from Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and several other African Countries. Guests experienced an exciting multisensory and light-hearted journey into the African food culture – including access to our Afro-themed food stands and a host of other exciting local vendors of African cuisine, fashion, art, and performances.

Held at EFUA SUTHERLAND Park, the event was designed to attract foodies, tourists, and thrill-seekers for a sunny afternoon of indulgence, all-inclusive engagement, and artistic musing. Kevin Eze, the CEO of the African food network, is one of the very few who have taken it upon themselves to change the narrative of poor PR and undermined representation of African Food.

His vision is to create a global brand that largely portrays Africa to the world via its cuisines. When asked in an interview about what led to this passionate drive; Kevin Eze had said, ” Africa is a great continent but unfortunately due to the colonial brainwashing we got during the slave trade era, we believe everything the white brings to us is intrinsically superior to our native customs and cuisine, it’s time we changed this mindset by becoming proud of our local delicacies and showcase them properly to the world”.

At the location, an array of fun and mouth-watering delicacies was made available by various food Vendors and African restaurants from Ghana and all over Africa. They displayed all kinds of tantalizing menus, ranging from Ghana’s traditional fermented corn meal Banku, Waakye, Akotonshi, Apple, Kelewele, Tuo Zaafi to Chinchinaga to delicacies from different parts of Africa.

This year’s event was embellished by the presence of the hugely popular Ghanaian television/ radio personality and Host of TV series in GHANA DATE RUSH Giovanni Caleb, TikTok sensation, Wesley Kesse, Curvaceous social media star Felicia Osei, and digital creator, Kojo Sheldon. Also in attendance were top entertainers, social media influencers, and On-Air-Personalities in the city of Accra. Hundreds of food enthusiasts listened to sensational Kweku Darlington as the Ghanaian singer and producer, took to the stage shortly after, and gave his best performance of his hit songs such as ‘Baabi Awu’ and the wildly popular Sika Aba Fie’.African Food and Drinks Festival was indeed packed with culture, diversity, flavorful tastes, simplicity, and entertainment as the crowd was entertained with fun activities such as the thrilling Masquerade and cultural dance display by various groups.

Also featuring eating competitions between TV3 and Crackhouse media, comedy, face painting, horse rides, amazing African board games, paintball, and many more, the African Food and Drinks Festival truly proved to be a place to be. It is safe to say that the African Food Network has been changing the narrative ever since it was established in 2014. The African food network has become a go-to hub for every African food lover and is set to keep pushing African cuisine into making the top chart of most loved cuisines in the world. When asked what the future holds for African Food Network, Kevin says, “The future is indeed bright for African Food Network, we’re here to stay and build a legacy that would stand for generations to come, if we as Africans can’t come together to promote and honor our food and culture no one would, we’re here to be the major drivers of this goal”.

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