Take responsibilities of the bad politicians in your church too – a message to The Church of Pentecost

Kwesi Ackon, aged 37, a Ghanaian taxi driver is being celebrated worldwide for showing patriotism and high integrity, having returned an amount of GHS 8,400.00 he found in his taxi to the owner.

He picked an old lady on Easter Saturday from the Mallam Atta Market in Accra to her residence at Teshie. The old woman, a trader, unfortunately, left her apron in which the money was concealed at the back of the taxi.

According to information gathered by our team, Kwesi Ackon fellowships at the Onyametease Assembly in the Kokomlemle District of The Church of Pentecost.

The Church of Pentecost upon hearing the news has taken credit for what their member the taxi driver has done.

Mr. Frank Mensah, a Health Promotion Officer at Awutu Senya and a member of The Church of Pentecost in his post on Facebook suggests it’s time the church also takes the blame and condemns church members who are in higher positions for their wrongdoing and not only take credit for a member doing what is right.

“My Church, the Church of Pentecost wants to take credit for the RESPONSIBLE act of the taxi driver. I have argued the driver had no choice but to return it. I wish going forward they can also be bold in taking the blame/condemning the wrongdoings of the bad politicians and so-called businessmen in our church, who sometimes rise so easily to leadership positions in the church. Maybe just Maybe”.

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