King Ogyii the Unholy EP hit maker was seen washing cars today

In a video spotted by when king Ogyii was washing a car in a video shot for his music video Unholy EP

According to the king Ogyii he left school and he was sacked from his work place as well. He sent sent some grateful text to AMG Armani and his Kbase team as well
“I left school, I was sacked from job, disappointed my mum, friends and caretakers all left me to death. The only gal I loved and cherished also left me cus she was tired of chasing this same music dream. But deep down I found my way through me and brought out the best in me. The focus is to make it and get back home to my mum and family. And to my fans. Me then yall go die before I leave this place. I wrote this from my heart chaley. Ma br3!! #kingogyii. #kbase. ARMANI. I LOVE YOU BRO.

watch the video below:

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