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Female artiste not given opportunity to perform at a Shatta Wale show


Euni Melo Ghana’s very own female songstress, who recently was on a project with Legendary Lucky Dube’s leading backing vocalist Phumi Maduna was in shock when organizers of Shatta wale’s TeshieWeDey concert prevented her from performing Stating that her name wasn’t billed whiles a member of the organizing team had put her on the flyer.

Other members stated lateness as a reason Whiles the artiste in question was present by 8:30 pm.

Euni Melo is by far Teshie’s biggest female act with over 30 songs, an album, and multiple international collaborations.
She is popularly for her multiple award-winning exploits since 2019 till date and was part of dj Manni’s most influential promising artists in his recent selection.

Euni Melo is by far the most consistent female act in the past 3 years being consistently nominated in the emerging music awards, with over 12 nominations.

The most bizarre situation was the fact that she was among just about 5 female artists counted at the venue compared to about 30 males, yet she never had a chance to perform.

It is no surprise how female artists are losing interest in a male-dominated space due to a lack of opportunities.


Source: Kobbygossips

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