Profile: Edna Kesse, a Ghanaian entrepreneur of Continental Africa Line Ltd.

Christened Edna Kesse, born 3 April 1992 is a Ghanaian entrepreneur of Continental Africa Line Ltd and a women’s advocate who took over the company in 2014.

She is an alumnus of Tema internationals School, furthered her education at Abbey college and Central University where she studied business administration and acquired her first degree.

Edna Kesse studied French at St. Malli an institution in Paris, France, and also studied at the Ghana Institute of Freight forwarders.

After national service, she worked with Tema international, alliance waste, and international community college and was recognized as the most influential person in school.

Continental African Line Logistics Limited is an established Ghanaian owned Freight and Logistics company registered under the Companies Act, 1963 as repealed by (Act 992) of 2019. It is also registered and certified by the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF) since April 1996 and a licensed member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), cloth with the capacity to operate as customs and FIATA freight forwarder (clearing agent). The company has been in existence for over five decades providing quality, safety, and time-bound excellent freight services to customers within and along with the maritime and domestic industry. Thus conducting the business of clearing, shipping, transporting of export and import of goods to/fro from the ports.

Our services

As one of the few long-standing independent forwarders with an outstanding record in freight forwarding services over the period, the company is focused on providing services in areas of air, ocean, and road freight to organizations across the globe. The company serves customers with a variety of services which includes but is not limited to;

● Cargo Handling Process
● Export And Import Shipping
● Clearing Of Export And Import Goods Or Materials
● Processing Of Export And Import Documents
● Tracking Services
● Logistics And Supply Chain Services
● Customs Procedure Advisory Services

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