The Central University College Is Turning Into A New Robbery Territory – Students Cries Out For Safety

Poor security system can’t deter criminal activities but would rather increase criminal activities making the facility vulnerable to theft and vandalism.
Earlier today a report was given to us about the poor security system at the Central University College, a Ghanaian University known to be the biggest private University in Ghana founded by the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) in Accra.
Speaking to one of our in-tell who’s a student at the Central University College concerning the current unpleasant situation they’ve been facing on the security system in the school, she described the situation to be very bad and it all comes down to the lack of setting amenities which hinders the security of the school, speaking, she made mention of the lack of walls that’s meant to be constructed to protects the school, street lights and poor security system. Our anonymous continued by saying, our life around campus has really been dangerous now a days, for the past few years we’ve been trying to handle it, but has we speak the robbery has got to it highest pitch on campus and it’s very bad. Describing how bad the situation is, she said that the robbery is on a double track system as we speak and it now done during the day and at night. She continued by saying that, there have even been several occasions where students have been robbed during daylight on gunpoint making it difficult to walk alone in the afternoon.
On the other side of her report, she also made mention of the complains of hired the security personnels of the school, she said, most of the security personnels are worried about their salaries not been payed well. She ended by saying, the school is really turning into a new robbery territory.

This students are just pleading for a good quality security system that will protect them against robbery. Putting on measures to catch the attention of school authorities and the public, the students of Central University College has taken their plead on social media with an hashtag #Makeussafeagain and a flyer which you can see below

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