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Ghanaian Photographer Gabriel Amponsah releases An Untold Story About Pharaoh’s Daughter

Photography in Ghana has always been described as taking a photo of a subjects which could be an item, an animal or a human being at the correct time, from a correct stance or view point and in the correct light. Photo modeling in Ghana has been on it hight pitch since many individuals both male and females have increased their interest in the modeling fraternity. Their interest in the modeling fraternity (photo modeling) has however brought a positive impact on photography it self, this has energized more Ghanaian photographers bring great and more conceptual ideas to live since they have the maximum photo models to work with.

During the past two weeks, photos from one Ghanaian photographer has proved his great imaginary brains has he brought his conceptual ideas to live. A Ghanaian photographer who goes by name Gabriel Amponsah released two conceptual pictures which was based on the untold story of Pharoah’s Daughter. This photo concept featured two models from the Maclino Modeling and Business Marketing Team, in his caption to the photographs, he wrote

‘’Papa ! Do you think it’s right killing all those children, for crying out loud, they are no different that us’’

As Thermuthis, Pharoah’s daughter had this argument with his dad the ruler of Egypt. Pharoah had settled on a plan of action already.

God in his glory came down to earth and transformed himself into one of her made and caused a deep sleep on her… called Hathor.

Now Hathor said ‘’Princess let’s go to the river Nile…maybe you can wash down all your  sorrows’’



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