KSM : – Claims That Actors Are Earning All Their Money Through Acting Is False

Radio and TV personality, Kwaku Sintim-Misa says the claims by some actors and actresses that they make money solely through their craft is false.

According to him, the money the creatives make cannot support the lavish lifestyles they live on social media.

“The claim that they are making it all through acting is false. It can’t be, unless they are acting in other markets that I Don’t know about.”

“But if it is in the same Ghana market that they release the same Ghana movies in, and they claim that they have made so much money to be able to buy all these other things, it is totally false.”

KSM said that for creatives to make a lot more money they need to invest in other businesses or have jobs on the side that will help reel in other incomes.

He revealed that he did not build the life he has for himself solely through his plays that were staged at the National Theatre.

“I tell people that I am happy that I have accomplished a bit but it wasn’t because I was doing one show a  year or two shows a year at the National Theatre making people laugh, I couldn’t live on that, no, no way.”

He urged young people who are pressured by the lifestyles of celebs on social media to not pay attention to such posts.

He said that many posts made on various platforms have so much untruth in them which only ends up creating a sense of unhealthy competition for the youth.

“So, if you are creative, please it is best to develop other things you can make money from. Sometimes the singing helps because the music industry is a bit different. But if you are acting or you want to get into comedy and do that full time and live on it, please you are misguided.”

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