ZAMBIANS all-female dancehall group Davaos believe celebrities and entertainers can change the face of poverty and vulnerability if they fully involve themselves in charity work.

The trio said in an interview after spending a day with children of WONS Orphanage Centre in Lusaka’s Chunga township last week to observe Valentine – the day of “Love” that time had come for artistes to lead in social work and help support the needy.

Ann Phiri musically called Anivao is the leader of the group who says her group had for a long time been wishing to support charity and that it resolved to work on a serious social responsibility programme for 2020.

“We have been in the music for some time now and we believe as artistes, there is more we can do other than entertaining people. Our influence must force us to lobby for good education, shelter and basic needs for the vulnerable people,” she said.

“It all begins with us by putting together a few resources and donations to help the children in various orphanages. These are young people with ambitions. Children who look up to us and we must take responsibility to show them love because I believe there’s more happiness in giving and sharing than receiving.”

Anivao and her crew, known for hit songs like ‘Sunkana’, ‘ Oh My Love’ and ‘ Ka Life’ said celebrating Valentine’s Day at WONS Orphanage by way of donating food stuffs and having a meal with the children which the singers prepared.

Credit: Daily Nation/TERENCE MISELO

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