Video – Friend Of The Lady Who Twerked Nak3d On Stage Pops Up With Facts That Lead To The Sudden Death Of The Friend

We reported the sudden death of a lady who was twerking naked on stage and died after the day she she twerked on Monday. 

Ama Broni died at Liberia Camp, Kasoa after she was fingered by patrons who witnessed her naked dance on stage as other reports claims

According to other reports, the young lady from Akwatia was allegedly fingered and fondled. And in an attempt to run away from her horny male patrons, she fell on stage and died in the process.

Well, in a developing story, a close friend of Ama Broni has told that these circulating stories ain’t the fact about the story.

Speaking out the facts that lead to her friends death, Ama’s friend confirmed that Ama indeed went nude while dancing on stage at the carnival.

Uncovering more about what happened, she said, ”a challenge was thrown to the crowd that whoever is able to twerk heavily will be given $100 which is equivalent to Ghc583”… the challenge got Ama who has been the hype woman for the event from day one to mount the stage and do her thing, and that led to her nude performance on stage.

During her performance on stage, she was being harassed by those watching and others around her as they couldn’t stare at her uncovered butts without touching to have a feel.

Sadly, Ama had to bring her sexy performance to an end and make way to the back stage after winning the bate and collecting the price.

While making her way down the stage, Ama was electrocuted. Surprisingly, no one came to her aid as they thought she was still in her hyper mood until she fell down helpless and lifeless. Although she was rushed to the hospital, Ama could not make it since it was too late.

Video Of What Happened At The Event

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