Tracy Zille Sends Message To All Africans About The Lunch Of Covid 19 Vaccines

Le Roux in collaboration with Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) suggested that the person behind the name of Tracy Zille who has over thirty thousand followers on Twitter and trending for her controversial tweets is an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) official.

The research lab also guessed  that,  the despicable tweets from Tracy is designed to spark outrage, which it no doubt did. The furore — as Le Roux calls it — generated by the tweets was used to funnel users to at least three of his schemer’s websites, where he allegedly hoped to score an income.

According to her, Africans should be the last people to complain about the vaccinations since they cannot produce anything and have been sheltered by the whites since infants.

She continued trolling Africans with her tweets; ”This Covid19 Vaccine should be a lesson to all Africans. You must produce what you eat and your medication. Now you are left with no choice but to take a vaccine from your enemies. It’s either you die or buy a vaccine from the enemy. Where are your rich prophets and pastors’’.

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