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Maclino Modeling Team is a Modeling Team founded by the CEO of Citizens Time and also a formal writer for, his publications where known to be mostly featured on which is know to be one of the outside foreign website that only features trending stories across Africa and Europe. The writer later took a long break in writing and shifted to photo blogging, which laid down the path for modeling management for him, we dearly hope our young great writer will be back with us.

Since he’s still in modeling and business marketing fraternity, he and his team has  really played a vital role in the modeling and marketing fraternity within the past year. The photo modeling and brand marketing agency which is now managed by Ghana’s well known social media influencer, serial entrepreneur and a political activist Jannice Tagoe, have done her best to produce models for ushering, commercial ads, advertisement , on Billboards, Magazines, Stickers, Wrappers, Fliers, Painting, Engaging in Video performances and Hosting of Program for Companies, business ventures, institutions and enterprises.

Maclino Modeling Team does not only produce models for such purposes but also groom potential brand marketers or brand influencers who have large following on social media into the marketing fraternity for brands, companies and products advertisement purposes. Influencers of this modeling team put in their very best in advertising any brands that approaches them for business brand advertisement.

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