The coalition of CSOs in Governance and Security for Peaceful Election 2020 led by the West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism (WACCE) and the Africa Centre for Security and Counterterrorism has launched a peace campaign dubbed “One Ghana ”.

This is geared at advocating for peace before, during, and after the 2020 general elections

Addressing the media at the launch in Accra , Executive Director of West Africa Centre for counter extreme Mutaru Mumuni Muqthar said every citizen have a major role to play in the electoral peace building.

As an organization we believe the Electoral Commission cannot do this alone and that we will mobilize eligible citizens to participate peacefully before, during and after the December elections he said .

The peace campaign is an opportunity to strengthen the peacebuilding process to ensure a violent-free election as well as hearing the voices and views of people he added.

“Instead of being manipulated to fight for and by politicians, through this campaign, citizens will gain knowledge about the electoral process and their electoral choices. This will help reduce spoilt ballots whilst helping to make better informed choices for citizens.

However the Coalition of CSOs in Governance and Security is poised to work with partners across all the 16 regions of Ghana and in all the 275 constituencies to mobilize eligible citizens to turn out to vote on election day without any fear of intimidation.

The organisation works to ensure that It provide focus education for eligible voters to understand the electoral systems and make informed choices during elections. It will stimulate and give voters appetite in making informed choices which would help in the development of the country’s growing democracy.


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