We are tired of the POLITRICS, “walk the talk” for creative arts- Jessy to Politicians

The run-up to the December election is getting interesting as various party communicators are selling their ideas and pointing at achievements as a means of soliciting votes.
The creative arts industry has always been through problems but the government never gave them a listening ear. The stakeholders who are supposed to help pressure governments have also shared themselves among the parties, defending them as if they have pumped millions into the arts sector. One of Ghana’s movie pioneers Socrates Sarfo has been defending NPP when it comes to their impact on the creative arts.
His main counter part has been Sadiq Abdulai of 3music Awards. They keep defending the parties each day but stakeholders of the industry don’t see the impact of these politicians. Jesse Gh in an interview with Harrygraphic.com expressed his deep concern. “I dont see their support and involvement in the the creative arts industry but rather all i see is “a POLITRICAL intention to support in order to gain personal benefits”, he mentioned this to our reporter Prince Harrylord.
Jessy Gh is set to release his EP In a short while but he made mention of his new video which will be re dropping on his official YouTube channel. “The video for my highlife song ” M’aka(Stucked In Love)” is ready for consumption ahead of my EP”.
Watch the trailer of the song and share with us your view on whether the government is walking the talk on creative arts in Ghana

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