Rex Omar :- It only takes the grace of God for musicians to stay clear of drugs

According to veteran musician Rex Omar,
in an interview with Happy 98.9 FM’s Doctar Cann on ‘Showbiz Xtra’, it only takes the grace of God for musicians to stay clear of drugs.

Rex Omar revealed that a lot of artistes are tricked into doing drugs by the labels they work with. He was tricked into these things and that was the level he got to until he left.
Record labels sign artistes all the time and because these artistes are hungry for succcess, their labels use that hunger to hook them to drugs.
The musician indicated that after artistes gain international acclamation, they perform on all the big stages and the frequent performances exhaust them.

“Because they’re passionate for success, they want to play till the end. And when their managers see this, they start to hook them on drugs to enhance their performance and help them overcome fatigue. After taking the drugs continually, they get hooked to it.”
“I don’t take weed and I have no problem with anyone who uses weed. We are too judgemental. Someone drinks tea and another also take weed. What moral right do you have to judge these individuals?” Rex queried.

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