Ghanaian award schemes are bias- Lord Morgan

It entails a lot for an artiste to present a good song for consumption by music lovers however, it is pathetic not to get the needed recognition through honors in the form of awards. These awards serve as a motivation for our artists to put in more effort into their craft.

Ghanaian artist, Lord Morgan

Ghanaian Dancehall and afrobeat artiste, songwriter and composer, Martins Martey Morgan who is popularly known as Lord Morgan have indicated that award schemes in Ghana are too bias.

According to the ‘Ayalolo’ hitmaker, not all popular artistes do good songs or popular songs but yet they manage to get most awards in our music industry and this ‘bias trend’ has killed so many careers in the Ghana music industry.

“We need an immediate change of operandi in our award system to boost musicians in Ghana”. He noted.

In addition to it, he suggested that since the industry does not pay well, awarding and encouraging artistes would encourage them to put in a lot of effort and carry on with their business.

Lord Morgan currently has a song dubbed ‘Ayaalolo’ which features Jupiter, ‘Drink Something’ with he featured Guru and ‘Don’t let go’.

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