Mother lost three children in fire outbreak (Photos)

Three siblings identified as two girls and a boy with names Shiverra Ducan, Debora Adom Nrumah Ducan and Timothy Aseda Anna Ducan with ages 3yrs, 11 months and 3yrs respectively died due to a fire outbreak.
The incidence as narrated by the children’s uncle indicates that the fire started around 10 pm when the children were fast asleep.

According to him, his sister, the mother of the children was in the living room when she noticed there was smoke coming out from the bedroom, where the children were sleeping and by the time she noticed it, the bedroom was on fire.
She therefore rushed out for help but sadly, the neighbors who came there were not able to rescue the children till the father was asked to be covered with wet blanket so he can go in and rescue his children but it was late.
He couldn’t rescue his children as he sustained some injuries in the process. The children’s uncle however, lamented on how they lost everything including his sister who was also living with them.

As to how the fire came about is not yet known.

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