Press Release: Redefining education with the Caroline Group

The current situation caused by the pandemic has been evolving consistently in the past months and there is much uncertainty in many aspects. The Education industry has taken a major hit and as such we need to adjust our efforts and continue to invest in our legacy.

CEO of Caroline Group (Caroline Esinam Adzogble )


However, our work in education still continues and the situation has boosted our efforts to re-think our strategies and simplify our operational efforts for all our stakeholder communities (students, boarding schools, colleges, universities, grad schools, agents, counselors, government and corporate organizations, ambassadors, donors)

The mission of Caroline Group and all its subsidiary companies is to mobilize Education with the use of technology. This is to state that the situation has amplified our efforts in this direction.

In our bid to continue what we love doing best, making education affordable and accessible to students located in 146 countries, we have worked our way to build a foundation for the future. We are achieving these by establishing the methods below;

1. Maximum work life balance for officers
2. Flexible work schedules for officers (virtual work and in-office)
3. Consolidating all subsidiary marketing posts under one umbrella @carolinegrouponline across all platforms  for easy reach of information
4. Enhanced contact and accessibility options (new appointment booking platform)
5. Moving all onsite classes to online (permanently)
6. Continue our small workshop and business seminars for corporate organizations
7. Make use of virtual events and tours
8. Employ gamification strategies for all marketing and communication processes

In the next phase of our businesses; we are proud to diversify our operational footprints. By doing so, we have established physical presence in

1. East Africa – Nairobi, Kenya
2. Europe – London, United Kingdom
3. The America’s- Boston, Massachusetts
4. Ghana will forever remain our Head and Home Office.

Our operational footprints will continue to expand across continents to ensure we are reaching our community effectively.

We keep Celebrating our major milestones in the past year which includes completing 30 major tours across Africa, Adding 50 new Institution partners to our extensive portfolio, Securing 185 unconditional offers for students.

With our continued growth and expansion, THE FUTURE IS TECHNOLOGY for the Caroline Group. We are making use of a Global Employable Human workforce of 20% with 80% of our operations taken care of by our complex data management and technological tools.

We therefore would like to encourage you to stay up to date with on our social media platforms @carolinegrouponline and our website

We will continue to provide 360 support to our communities during this transition.

Nothing has changed, it only got more fun, simpler but bigger and better.

Thank you for staying with us throughout this period and we appreciate a lot of your trust and your recognition to the Caroline Group.

We celebrate all CEO’s, Small businesses and Large Organizations out there who are also at the verge of defining their transition strategies. Our doors are open to listen to you and extend a helping hand. Please let us know how we can help.

Our Best Regards.

Caroline Esinam Adzogble
PRO @ The Caroline Group

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