I Prefer The Tea To The Smoke – Dancehall Artist Klarah Kay

Ghanaian sensational female artist Klarah Kay in an interview monitored by kobbygossips.com with the host of Raggae 360, Ras Ama on EBN Tv shared her view on the recent happenings in the music industry.

Klarah Kay who has been in the music industry for the past 11 years when asked her take on the recent beef among her fellow female artists mentioned that she feels it’s an effort to pave way for the female artists since the media isn’t paying much attention to them.

She applauded Eno for her hardwork, persistence in the music industry and adviced Freda Rhymes never not to disperect her seniors in the industry. Klarah Kay mentioned she is versatile, although she can rap but she feels very good when she does Raggae and Dancehall.

“The female artists are really putting alot of effort into their craft but are not getting the support, whenever I raise this allegation I get attacks but it’s the truth. I remember when I visited Nigeria, it was crazy how people who noticed me as a musician came around to help me share my CDs without taking a penny from me. Back here in Ghana it’s different, if you don’t have a relationship with them especially DJs you’ll have to pay for the service.”

The Raggae/Dancehall artist Klarah Kay mentioned that she doesn’t smoke marijuana as people think because of her energy when she’s seen performing but rather takes it as tea. She adviced her fellow artists who have not yet reached their target to never give up and strive forward, put in lot of hardwork and never stop praying.

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