We sometimes have to embrace rain floods

Flood occurs when there’s an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limit. It may be a result of long periods of heavy rain, rivers or lakes overflow.

There are many benefits of flooding despite its immediate ill effects. Farmers and the people in the agricultural sector benefit from flood because it makes the soil more fertile and increases the agricultural production.

The nutrients carried by the flood from the land is also added to the rivers and the lakes which improves the health of fishes that can be consumed, there may be the relocation of fishes and other organisms living in the water bodies. New predators and preys too are introduced to the areas, balancing the aquatic population.

Whenever we talk about flood what comes in mind is its disadvantages it comes with and the region which is always a victim being the Greater Accra Region.

The Capital city Accra had over the years been hit by devastating floods, largely caused by unauthorised building of houses on waterways, the choking of major drains with silt and garbages.

Many had been evacuated from homes, streets, offices and shops. Where in some cases the floods had trapped humans resulting in death.

Measures have been consisered to take place to stop floods which includes pulling down structures erected on waterways, removing silt from major water courses, construction of big drains.

Although flood comes with many disadvantages it has its advantages.

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