Wendy Shay and Eshun are not Queen Mothers in the real sense of the word – Nana Ekua Apeatsewah II ( Tufuhemaa)

Most traditional rulers often choose representatives or ambassadors who have good standing in the community to lead certain groups of people which could be a lady who leads the market women or traders in a community .

These positions do not have anything to do with the Black Stool or even being Royal. The position is limited to one who would become leader of that group.

With the new positions of honor given to Wendy Shay and Eshun, both artistes are based in Ghana and very prominent in the music industry. Both have huge following, especially the youth.

It is an honour to be given this tittle, but these positions, Akatasia hemaa ( female youth leader) or Mbrantsehen ( Male youth leader) are in no way connected to the Black stool, neither do they have involvement in chieftaincy matters nor Royals. Just like that of a Development chief or Queen mother which is another position of honor given to developers who could also be Ghanaians or foreigners and not necessary from that community, but interested in developing the community.

“Akatasia hemaa” and “Mbrantse hene” are invited to join the traditional rulers only if there are issues to be deliberated over concerning the youth of the town or village. They are in no way involved in rituals and stool room ceremonies.
Their dress code is not that of a Queen mother or Chief but just kaba and slit or cloth, native slippers and very little jewelry.

Those of this position cannot join any association of Queen mothers as they do not have Black stools / Royals as this position is merely that of a youth leader.

They collect information from the youth and present concerns to the traditional rulers and also report back to the youth of the community.
They must set good standards and must be fine examples to the youth of that community. They must also lead a clean life, watch their words, manners and be great examples to their community. In this case lyrical content is crucial ( both singers) once given this tittle as a youth leader.

These youth leaders cannot rub shoulders with any Black stool Queen mother or Chief because they aren’t classified as traditional rulers though they help by keeping their ears to the ground. “Akastasia hemaa” and “Mbrantse hene” do not dress as Chiefs or Queen Mothers when at durbars or the durbar grounds. Their dress code is kept simple.

They can be ordered by the Queen mothers or Chiefs to remove some of their jewelry or expensive clothing( Kente) if they are seen to be over dressed.
They cannot be seen to be overly dress over shadowing their traditional rulers. They must remain simple. Many have often taken their positions to mean they can dress as Queen mothers or Chiefs which is wrong and often enough they are called and charged at palace for wrong dress code or over shadowing the Queen mothers or Chiefs. They can be ordered to leave the palace or durbar grounds if they are seen to overshadow the Chiefs or Queen mothers (dressing or expensive cloth/ Kente.)

The elders of the town or village have their eyes on these leaders to make sure that what they represent would bring discipline and order amongst the youth.
They cannot be seen or heard doing otherwise.

Remember this is only an honourable position and can be taken away within a twinkle of an eye, unlike gazetted traditional rulers with Black stools / Royals.

Youth leaders are not gazetted.

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