I’m no more working with Ashis, I need a proper manager – Kwaisey Pee

Highlife musician Kwaisey Pee who was once managed by Nana Poku Ashis requires the services of a “proper manager”.

The adjective, he however insists, is not an indictment on the reputation of his former manager.

“I need a manager, a proper one. Someone who is up to the task,” said the musician who is almost two decades old in the industry.

“When I say ‘proper’, I don’t mean anything negative. ‘Proper’ means someone who’s got the business aspect of the management thing because some people, they do the job but when it comes to the business side of it, it’s a whole different story.”

In an interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Kwaisey Pee mentioned that his working relationship with Ashis ended but was unwilling to disclose the cause as he maintained, “that’s personal.”

Regardless, the musician mentioned that he sacks his managers because they fail to deliver.

“I fire because where I want to get to, what I want to achieve and where I want to go, most of them really don’t understand me. Most of the time, they thing I’m being difficult,” he stated.

“I’m not difficult. I’m someone who wants my stuff in a certain way and if I don’t get that, It’s just gonna turn out that I’m being difficult. Our brothers and sisters here in Ghana are always relaxed and when you tell them ‘no, this is what you’re supposed to be doing’, they go like ‘this guy is difficult, he gives so much pressure’,” he added.

While debunking assertions that the performances of some managers are reflections of how they are paid and treated by the artistes, Kwaisey Pee told host Andy Dosty that he has been paying his managers and was more than willing to pay whoever assumes that post.

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