WIPA To Embark On Clean Up Exercise

*WOMEN IN THE ARTS* ( WIPA), the largest organized women organisation made up of Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Models, Radio/TV presenters Make up artists, Cloth and Bead Designers, ect. in Ghana.

WOMEN IN THE ARTS IN COLLABORATION WITH HOMEBASE TV is embarking on a National clean up exercise dubbed the
*Business Health Clean Up*’.

The *Business Health Clean up* is a monthly clean up exercise targeted at the various health installations and hospitals in the country.

This is due to the fact that the washrooms of these Health Facilities are mostly neglected when it comes to minor cleanups and even national sanitation with the view that, they can cater for themselves.

As women we believe in keeping the environment clean and Healthy, as lack of good sanitation is the route of all the rampant death tole we experience.

In view of this, we have decided to clean all these Health centers on monthly basis with the use of entertainment.

To garner enough support from the business world and make it more appealing to the public, we will interview entrepreneurs, Health personalities, celebrities and marketers after every clean up session which will be broadcast on HOMEBASE, Obonu, Atinka, Joy Prime TV every weekend.

We therefore seek your support in this direction to make your prestigious facility available for this exercise……..

This is due to the combination of celebrities and entrepreneurs constantly talking about Healthy environment.


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