I will go through the rituals – Queen Haizel on Rite Fm

Sensational female artist Queen Haizel during her Eastern Region Radio Tour was hosted by Rite Fm’s renowned radio presenter Papa Ahtitude.

The presenter who knows Queen Haizel has been in the music industry for the past 3 years was amazed why she has not yet been recognised among the mainstream artists.

“I lost my mom during the atomic gas explosion, she was a victim. I had released Ekye that time and it was just around that moment Ghanaians were accepting the brand Queen Haizel but i had no other option than to seize promotion and mourn my mother. May her soul rest in peace”.

I went on a year break mourning my mom and she was my financier, I had nothing like a record label or someone supporting me with cash.

Fortunately for me I had to take over my mom’s egg business and sell in the market to be able to invest in my music career. I’ve never regretted staying back for that one year, although a lot of female artists were discovered during that period. I will go through the rituals.

Some people suggest, Queen why don’t you use what you have to get what you want because others do it but I always tell them, I will go through the rituals, it’s a process, nothing good comes easily, I’m not in a rush. What if I allow myself laid in bed with that man who has promised to help me reach mainstream and it doesn’t happen, thus that mean I should go back and sleep with the next person who comes in with that same agenda of helping me? I just end up being a topic in town with all fingers pointing at me. Sacrificing that thing, doesn’t guarantee you that position you want to attain. I will keep working and go through the process, the process itself gives you a level of experience in the work.

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