A promise ring shouldn’t guarantee him s3x – Euni Melo on Rite Fm

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The dancehall virgin, Euni Melo on her Promise Ring Eastern Region Radio Tour was warmly welcome as a guest by Papa Ahtitude on his entertaimment show at Rite Fm.

She disclosed to the host that promise ring is a song off her maiden album which she calls melodies to melo and it will be launched before the year ends.

I chose the title promise ring to create an awareness for my fellow females out there. The guys are now using promise ring as a bait to have their way in bed with ladies and later on leave them for another girl. I have not been a victim to that but been told how it feels when you fall a victim. So instead of wishing for a promise ring why don’t we rather go in for the wedding ring.

The vibrant reggae dancehall artist Euni Melo when asked who are her competitors in the genre she finds herself in told the host she had no competitors because her style is unique and she don’t sound like any one of them but if there’s any opportunity working with any one of them she will gladly accept it but as it stands she is looking forward working on a project with Mzvee and Kaakie.

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