Xbill Blast Celebrities Who Go Nude

Celebrity blogger, Emmanuel Baidoo, professionally known as Xbills walkergh, has condemned the act of showing nakedness to the world to gain attention. According to him, a lot of young up and coming musicians, actors and actresses have developed the habit of showing much flesh to gain publicity. Xbills totally kicked against the act and edged young talents to put a stop to that. He further stated that, good branding is very important to sell your Craft to the globe and not nudity.

He encouraged most young act to understand the fact that, to be famous one must not necessarily go naked or nude. He stated emphatically that, young acts should believe in their God given talent and also add unique branding to their Craft and they will get there.

To him celebrities who shoot up to fame through nudes are not original. They lack talent and are just using their Nudity and nakedness to get temporary attention and social media followers.

Source: GhEvent.net

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