I’m the first and last rapper to blow from Obuasi – Rapper Bra Alex

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It wasn’t long ago when these two Ghanaian rappers, Medikal and Strongman proved to the world why they should be recognised with their style of music in the industry. This revived the dying rap genre in the Ghanaian music industry where lot of rappers went into the recording booths to put out some bars to gain some recognition.

When we thought we have seen it all, we woke up to meet a video trending on social media. We got to find out the rap freestyle video going viral was a young boy by the name Bra Alex but prefers to be called the Rap Wizard.

Alexander Luntra who started rap music at the age of 9 and known in showbiz as Bra Alex revealed to kobbygossips.com in a conversation that he hails from Bolgatanta but was born and raised in Obuasi with his nuclear family. He completed Junior High School in 2019 and by the help of a friend called Spark he started serious music at the age of 12.

Rap Wizard as he likes to be called confirmed he is really enjoying the fame he’s getting now because he released some couple of freestyle videos but Ghanaians didn’t accept them until his fourth video was accepted and now trending. He disclosed the freestyle video “confession” which he played the “beyie” role which literally translated as “witchcraft” was released on Saturday and it went viral the next day Sunday.

The young rapper when asked why the name Rap Wizard disclosed he is the wizard in the music industry and not real life and has come to destroy the music career of those rappers who think they are doing well and with the help of his witchcraft has cast a spell on all rappers from Obuasi. A spell which will not see any other rapper apart from himself recognised from the town and is the reason why the other artists in the town are yet to blow.

The young rapper Bra Alex, the Rap Wizard told us he wouldn’t have to ride on the shoulders of any other rapper to survive in the music industry since his witchcraft can take him there.

He was spotted in a picture with the fast rising female artist Queen Haizel, we hoping to get a song from them.

Bra Alex spotted with the award winning artist Queen Haizel

Below is the trending video that shot him to the scene…….


Source: Kobbygossips.com

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