Songstress Klarah Kay now into movie acting?

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Klarah Kay who is known in the music industry has been spotted in some pictures with movie star’s.

The pictures circulating on social media indicates the songstress has shifted her attention from doing music to acting movie.

As we have dedicated ourselves give you all the necessary informations across the globe, we drew closer to the artist to find out if the pictures we saw on social media really tells she has switched careers from doing music to movie acting.

She disclosed to that she has always had the passion and zeal for acting since infancy and this is the right time to portray what is inside her and there’s no way she’s going to quit doing music.

The music director who shot my music video “odo y3 d3” realised I have what it takes to act and so he gave me this opportunity to play the role as a wicked viking in the movie. So henceforth I’ll be doing my music and will also be playing some roles in movies. Ghanaians should expect more of me because I have a lot to share.

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