Passengers life at risk as unhealthy “Trotro” cars hits Osu, Mamobi, Nima, etc roads.

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The life of a traveler is always in the hands of a driver even though God is the ultimate controller. The probability of getting stuck on the road when joining some passenger (trotro) Ghana Accra is high due to the state of the vehicles.

Research conducted by shows that vehicles used by some drivers are not healthy enough to be on the road but how did they get clearance from GPRTU? A trip to Osu, Mamobi, Nima and few to mention were notable places in the capital where these vehicles are seen as normal vehicles to be used in conveying passengers.


Our first encounter started from the Madina to Nungua station where a driver has to join 2 cables before sparking his car. This got our reporter wondering why should it be so? Prior to this, an incident happened on Circle- Botwe (UPSA curve) road where due to illegal connection,the front headlight stopped working and all of a sudden smokes filled the car in less than 1 minute. Our reporter who happened to sit in front that evening has to jump through the window to save his own life. The unapologetic conductor and his driver always seem to be comfortable and shout back at passengers wherever these claims are made.


The GPRTU which is a general union looking after these issues seems to be unconcerned with these claims. The leaders are not ready and will not entertain any question on these issues. Interesting,the police are also not too concerned about this.


Our second encounter was fun even though it was risky. The vehicle stopped in the middle of the road almost 5 times before we reached our destination (Mamobi). Furious passengers got down and joined different cars as we the strong hearted continued the journey until we finally arrived at the lorry park. Upon arrival, we went straight to the station masters office only to be told he is not around. Caretaker upon seeing our facial looks hinted his boss that there was a fire in the mountain. We waited till we could see we are tired.Any attempt to trap him was not working as he was directed not to answer any question.

Over the past few years, statistics show that accident rates are always increasing instead of finding measures to help decrease it. In 2017,2,527 accidents were recorded while it increased to 2,970 in 2018 signifying a 17% increase. I urge the government to prompt these unions and security services to take the challenge and stop some vehicles from operating as a commercial transport. Let’s join hands in doing this as citizens but not because of our stomach.

By: Harry Graphicx

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