I have to pay my bloggers and promoters, NO MORE FREE SHOW – Klarah Kay

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The difficulties involved in being categorised as an upcoming artiste in Ghana is doing more harm than good to our artists.

Klarah Kay, a sensational female artist spoke bitterly when she told us how she is managing her career in the music industry.

“I don’t have much to talk about the music industry because we’ve talked for long and we still talking about it but my concern now is about how event organisers treat upcoming artists. It’s a shame, we are being disregarded. I’ve had several conversations with my fellow artists and they going through same problem. An event organiser will call and ask you to come perform on his stage and when you ask him how much he’s going to offer you, he’ll tell you he is only helping you get recognised. To me I think that’s wickedness, first of all you didn’t think of how am going to leave my house and get to the venue and even if I have my own vehicle won’t I buy fuel”?

“I sometimes ask myself this question, how did the event organiser hear of me, and am very sure it’s through my music. If that’s the case then he should know I paid to record my songs, I paid bloggers, djs and promoters to help the song go viral. If we continue to perform freely at your events how can we go back to the studio and record another song for you to enjoy and call on us. What hurts the most is when they sell tickets for that event, at least pay for our transportation”.

“Don’t think upcoming artists will remain at that stage forever, that’s the reason why some artists accept to perform on their event, take their money and not show up for their event”.

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