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Start Promoting Positive Entertainment News/Stories On Your Radio & TV Programs – Aboagye Gideon to Entertainment Show Hosts and Their Producers



In recent times our media (TV, Radio, Online Blogs/Websites) have failed us as a means of informing, educating, and promoting creative arts (music, fashion, dance, acting, comedy, etc) from Ghana to the world. The most pathetic part is our entertainment jurisdiction. More often than not most of our entertainment programs on Radio and TV are supposed to talk about relevant and important happenings in our entertainment fraternity but some choose to talk about either nudity, or make needless comparison between top artists in Ghana. We have seen people like Rashida Black Beauty, Naa Korkor, Akuapem Polo, Supa, Pamela, amongst others rise to fame so quickly and thereafter fade like a thin air of smoke. I personally believe we endorse or promote more mediocrity in our media space than promoting all the abundant talents we have in Ghana. There were instances where these “7 days wonder celebrities ” were granted countless interviews on our media(TV & Radio) space where as some comedians, spoken word artists, fashion designers, uprising or indie artists finds it hard to get access to interviews on our Radio & TV programs/shows. There have been lots of instances where uprising artists have complained bitterly because the can’t get Radio & TV interviews due to financial restraints.
There are lots of Ghanaian entertainers putting Ghana on the world map but some of these entertainment programs don’t even bother to talk about it. Musicians like Wiyaala, Atongo Zimba, FOKN Bois, Rocky Dawuni, Black Prophet, mostly put out stunning performances at shows being organized in Europe and some entertainment shows/programs won’t even care to discuss these amazing efforts but will be quick to interview a semi nude/nude photo model, a victim from a trending sextape, a drug addict, amongst others. Every week artists and events houses in Ghana organizes events that are worth discussing but we won’t hear about it on Radio or TV but there will always be a “Shatta – Stonebwoy comparison/argument “. Its time some entertainment radio producers start putting out positive stories from our entertainment for discussions on their various TV and Radio programs. There has been awards schemes in various regions celebrating hard working and deserving artists, there was Volta Music Awards, Eastern Music Awards, Central Music Awards, Western Music Awards, Bring Ahafo Music Awards, amongst others but none of these award schemes has been discussed because maybe its probably not VGMAs tho. More often organizers of the awards schemes have to beg for airtime on some Radio Entertainment Programs yet these semi nude, sextape victims, etc get countless interviews on some Radio and TV Stations. Its high time we put out only positive information about our creative arts/entertainment industry for our listeners, viewers and people in the diaspora to see the good side of our entertainment industry.

These days some blogs are pushing more nudes and Radio & TV stations are feeding on them. There are lots of positive stories these bloggers can put out there but will rather publish all those “Stomach Direction Stories”. All they care about is the social media likes and traffic on their websites and not putting out accurate and relevant information about our entertainment industry. As a blogger the only way you can help our entertainment industry is to publish positive stories from our entertainers. Shatta Wale shouldn’t always be in the news for negative reasons, there are lot of positive things he does yet some of these bloggers chooses to ignore and rather feed on the negative news for website traffic and likes. Every week our artists (Mainstream, Indie acts) put out positive projects that is worth sharing but these “Stomach Direction Bloggers ” will rather prefer to upload a sextape or talk about trending nude pics from nude photo models. At the end of the day we will be screaming “Support Our Own”, if we ignore supporting our artists from the basics/foundation how will they reach higher heights? As media people we need to use our influence judiciously.

Thumbs up to all Radio & TV entertainment programs that always put out positive news about our artists and are promoting creative arts in Ghana, your efforts needs to be appreciated.

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Azigiza-: Ghana didn’t take advantatge of Shatta Wale and Beyonce’s collaboration



Victor Kpakpo Addo popularly known as Reverend Azigiza Jnr has asked the government to find ways of pushing Ghanaian acts onto the international scene.

Speaking on Upside Down on Citi TV, he said Ghana did not take advantage of Shatta Wale’s feature on Beyonce’s ‘The Lion King: The gift’ album.

He said this when he was asked to assess the performance of the current crop of Ghanaian musicians.
“I really love Sarkodie. I have never met him but I think he has got something that even if the Ghana Tourist Board, the musicians union whatever can pick some three, four, five people and find ways of pushing them,” he said.
“I was excited when I saw Shatta Wale and Beyonce. It was good, I saw Stonebwoy and other people. But we can be intentional. For example, what advantage have we taken from Shatta Wale and Beyonce? What have done with it?” he asked.
He further noted that the Ghana Tourism Authority can ride on it, pick this guy and market him to the world.
“Let’s do something on CNN with this guy, inviting them to Ghana. Music is a lifestyle thing so see how you can weave other lifestyle stuff with it,” he said.
He started his Disc Jockey career in 1991 on the radio as a presenter and DJ and hosted programmes such as Joy Fm’s Joy Beach Jam, Video Vibes, Guinness Music for Your Dancing Feet on GTV and the Azigiza show.
Rev. Azigiza enrolled in some Bible schools and since become a minister of the gospel.
Watch the interview below:


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Ezone Networks Introduce FACE OF CENTRAL ’20



Face Of Central Reality Show is a newly introduced social and cultural TV program designed to showcase the true talents hidden in the beauty queens in central region as to how well they know their culture.

Vision & Mission Statement

1. To project the rich culture of Central region and it various towns.
2. To make the coming generations have mentors to look up to.
3. To instill fear and discipline in beauty queens.

1.To make the coming generations have mentors to look up to.
2. To instill fear and discipline in beauty queens.
3. To promote our regional culture.
4. To promote peace and tranquility.

1. Should be a true daughter of central region.
2. Should be fluent in English and any of her central region local language.
3. Should know her culture.
4. Should fall within 18years – 32years
5. Should have a minimum educational background of SHS.

For more information about the program call 0591440365

Sales of Ticket goes for cool ghc50

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Deborah Oduro is a young female entrepreneur from Ghana who is poised to change the world through her entrepreneurial skills. She is a philanthropist, event coordinator, and a marketer as well as an MC amongst others.

She is the founder of Dynamic United Stars Africa Foundation, known as DUSAF, an NGO which seeks to help the needy in society by eradicating poverty in Ghana and beyond through the provision of foods, physical needs, healthcare, and infrastructure. They have over the years helped provide quality education and many more to help improve the lives of citizens of Ghana, Africa, and the world at large.

DUSAF has come a long way and has undergone lots of life-changing projects in light of helping the needy in society. Just this year, DUSAF as part of their efforts to help change lives, feed lots of people on the street during the pandemic (Covid-19), across four major cities in the capital namely MADINA, SPINTEX, TESHIE & NUNGUA. The foundation went on to hold a street campaign on Covid-19 to help create awareness and also educate Ghanaians on how to keep themselves protected from the deadly virus. The foundation is looking forward to holding a peace campaign for the upcoming general election come December 7th.

DUSAF has been acknowledged by several institutions because of the good works it has done and would do to help mother Ghana.

On October 3rd, DUSAF was honored at the maiden edition of the Humanitarian Awards Ghana, for their outstanding performance and good works towards the needy in our society.

Over the weekend, DUSAF was once again honored at Ghana Outstanding Women Awards (Gowa), where our founder Miss Deborah Oduro received an honorary award for the good works done over the years. DUSAF was commended and motivated to do more than it has done over the time past.

Speaking to the founder of the foundation Miss Deborah Oduro, she said The key is not the WILL to WIN, everybody has that. It is the WILL to prepare to WIN that is important.
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” DUSAF always allows our unique awesomeness and positive energy to inspire confidence in others. Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, we always bring out our sunshine. If you want a light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining and that’s what DUSAF Ngo stands for. We help the needy shine bright like stars wherever we find ourselves.

Want to use this opportunity to thank God almighty for bestowing on me a great mission to lead my members to impact lives. Both members and our associate partners have been amazing ensuring we go out there and carry out successful projects and am grateful.

Dusaf has and would always stick to its core mandate of changing lives and helping the needy in our society because it’s our duty just like our motto says…..


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