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WEEK-6: How To Build A Fanbase As An Artist – SHOWBIZ EDUCATION with Kwamina Basty ( WEEK-6 )



( Week-6 Showbiz Education )

How To Build A Fanbase As An Artist

Building a fan base is essential for successful artists. But my question is; How do you turn casual listeners into a die-hard fans who support you and purchase your tracks or works?

I will say, Get close to them and create a relationship between your audience and keep them coming back for more, Now lets go deeper into it.

“How To Build A Fanbase As An Artist”

1. Interact with your fans

On the train to a gig? Downtime in the studio? Riding in the back of a car? Do not waste this time! Go through your social media mentions and reply to as many fans as directly as you can. They’ll appreciate it and feel more of an affiliation with you, which will increase the chance of them becoming a dedicated fan.

2. Play in smaller venues

It’s much easier to target new fans in a small but packed venue rather than a large but sparse one. Smaller venues also offer more opportunities for direct interaction with your audience, offering potential fans the chance to get up close and personal.

3. Hang around after gigs

Meeting and speaking with the fans will not only put you higher in their estimations, but if you hang around the merch table after a gig, it will also encourage them to come over and make a purchase.

4. Send exclusive e-mails

Build a mailing list and update to your fans on special events and announcements. Creating a community and offering fans something exclusive will heighten their appreciation and create the feeling that they’re part of your inner circle.

5. Run competitions

Running a competition is a great way to generate interest in your music. You could start a simple ‘like and share’ competition on Facebook, or even a survey to get a deeper understanding of your listeners. What you give away is up to you. You could offer free merch, backstage passes or anything else you think would interest your audience.

6. Give away free merchandise

Why not give away some of your cheapest merch for free? A badge or plectrum only be worth pennies to you, but if a fan receives it directly from you after seeing you on the street or after a gig, it shows that you care about them on an individual level.

7. Share stories & insights in a blog

Start writing a blog, sharing your experiences, hopes, stories, aspirations and influences. Grabbing your fan’s attention with an interesting post will give them a better understanding of you and your music.

8. Showcase them in your music video

Why not include your fans in your next music video? Let your listeners know you need a crowd for the video and hopefully they’ll show up to support you. It’s a win, win situation. They get a free gig and the chance to be part of your journey, while you got a great crowd for an awesome scene in your new video.

9. *Live stream your music*

The rise of Facebook Live and other live streaming services offers artists an incredible new way to reach fans for free. You’ve probably noticed that whenever someone ‘goes live’ on Facebook; their friends and followers receive an immediate notification. A free online performance is a great way to drum up interest in your latest track.

10. *Create a unique bond*

There are plenty of ways to create a special bond with your most loyal followers. You could give your fans a unique name, in the same way Rihanna calls her fans The Navy, and Beyoncé’s fans named themselves the Bey Hive. However, if this isn’t really your style, you could create a recognisable symbol or distinctive graphics that your fans will automatically associate with you. Whatever you choose to do, establishing and maintaining a close bond with your audience will help to turn your average listener into a super fan.

Nelson Nana Agyeman, popularly known as Kwamina Basty. A SONG-WRITER, BLOGGER, PUBLICIST, BROADCAST JOURNALIST ( Media Personality ).

Facebook: Kwamina Basty / Kobby Gossips
Twitter: @kwaminabasty
Whatsapp: +23354961666
Kobby: +233557204784
Youtube: Kobby Gossips Tv

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