Sad: This is actually what happened after Maame Serwaa’s interview with Ben Hunte a BBC reporter

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Language is a method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

In as much as this, every country has its own language and understanding. It may appear that a word can be same in two different languages but will definitely have different meanings.

Not long ago BBC NEWS AFRICA reporter Ben Hunte visited Ghana and had the opportunity to interview one Kumawood star Maame Serwaa which went very successful.

The people of East Africa after getting the opportunity to read the story shared on the officail Facebook page of BBC NEWS AFRICA took turns to make mockery of the name Kumawood.

Kumawood is a name given to local movies which are produced by the people of Kumasi from the Ashanti Region of Ghana so basically Kumahood is derived from the name Kumasi.

The people from the Eastern part of Africa who speak Swahili debunk the use of the word Kumawood publicly with their reason being Kuma in Swahili means pu$$y.

Below are few comments made under the post shared by BBC NEWS AFRICA.


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