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WEEK 3: How to get sign to a Record Label. SHOWBIZ EDUCATION With Kwamina Basty



Every upcoming artist’s dream is to get signed to a record label and start making Hit songs, making money and become famous or be among the A-List artists but it’s not easy to archive that especially in Ghana or Africa.

Let me share this tips with you ” How To Get Signed To A Record Labels ” If you are an upcoming artist. There are many record labels out there looking for talented artist to sign, they want an artist that they can invest on and make a profit in return.
The dream of record label is to make money as the artist too make money. The reason why record label would want to spend so much on you is because they have seen something lucrative or profitable in you that they will make good profit in return.

Now ask yourself, How do I prove to record labels that I am the right talented artist they are looking for? How do they believed I can move their record label forward and make money and be famous too? In case you are thinking of contacting record labels to tell them how talented you are without any prove, then listen to my advice, NO record label will take you serious with a phone call telling them you want a record deal. You have to work extra hard on your own, sing a song that will blow peoples mind You can’t just wake up one day and walk to any record label company to tell them you have some songs on your head or written down, and you want them to sign you.

Take these tips and keep it in your mind:

1. Record a good Song, and get a video for it. Dont use profane words like, female or male sexual parts or bragging words like; ” I get more money” “I get plenty girls” Girls love me” Try to write deep and clean lyrics or Story lines, but not how many girls slept in your bed and how much you have in your bank account etc. How can you sing rock me in your first music when you don’t have record label? Why are you singing “I have millions” when your are still struggling? It’s better for you to sing a song that fit your current status that will touch people when listening to you.

Consider the commercial possibilities of your music. You need to strike a balance between your artistic vision and how marketable your music is. You need to make music that will appeal to a broad audience. Would your grandfather like your music? Would your friends? Would someone who didn’t speak your language like your songs? Give your audience some thought. Make the music you want to make, but be realistic about your goals. Focus instead on developing a fan base that will love your corner of the music world.

2. Go for musical contest.
Music contest is another good way of showing your talent to record labels. Music contest such as MTN Hit Maker or Vodafone Icons these contests can also help you. You don’t need to win before you get expose to record labels, all you need to do is, give out all your best to make a name while you are in the contest, and try to release a track as soon as the contest end and try as possible to make video for it. Remember if your song get’s loved by your fans, record label will come looking for you.

3. Make good use of social media
Making a good use of social media’s such as Facebook, twitter etc is a preference of getting a record deal. Artist with good amount of loyal followers or fans have an opportunity of getting record deal. So try to get some audience in the social medias before seeking for record deals, it definitely very helpful in getting record deals because they are going to ask you about your social media’s visibility.

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Nelson Nana Agyeman, popularly known as Kwamina Basty. A SONG-WRITER, BLOGGER, PUBLICIST, BROADCASTER ( Media Personality ).

Facebook: Kwamina Basty / Kobby Gossips
Twitter: @kwaminabasty
Whatsapp: +23354961666
Kobby: +233557204784
Youtube: Kobby Gossips Tv

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Family of highlife artiste Kofi B announces date for his burial



The Late Kofi B, highlife artist

The family of highlife artiste Kofi B has announced November 6-8 as the days for the final funeral rites of the musician.

An uncle to the late musician known as Mr Kwame Addo who spoke on behalf of the family in an interview warned that they wouldn’t take it lightly on anyone who wants to take advantage of the funeral.

According to him, the family of Kofi B has not instructed or directed anyone to sell T-shirts or anything branded with their son images hence anyone having plans of doing a thing like that should stop.

Mr Addo explained that this was yet a warning and anyone who fails to listen to them and go-ahead to sell such things would be dealt according to the law.

Kofi B’s Uncle in this interview announced that the final funeral rites of Kofi B will be held at Asante Akyem Agogo on November 7, 2020.

Thanksgiving service will follow on Sunday, November 8 at the Presby Park in his hometown, Asante Akyem Agogo.

Kofi Boakye Yiadom (died February 2, 2020), known by his stage name Kofi B, was a Ghanaian highlife musician. He was known for songs such as “Mmbrowa”, “Bantama Kofi Boakye” and “Koforidua Flowers”, among others. He was inspired by the likes of Amakye Dede, Kojo Antwi and Ofori Amponsah.

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Roy X Taylor set to release remix of “Awomlege” On 1st November 2020



Coming off as a surprise from a member of the nkubus executive production and the son of highlife  legend Ebo Taylor,Derow Ekow Taylor known as Roy X Taylor, has announced his intentions to release remix “Awomlege” . Though details of the remake are yet to made available for public consumption, it is believed that the project will generate or expand his fan base and further establish his status as a musician.

Having a remix of the song created can also make the inspirational jam more accessible to the broader public. And if there is a possible changing of the genre then he is opening up to a brand new market of listeners.
“Awomlege” is a dance originated from the coast and mainly done by the fancy dress group in saltpond. this song is mainly to introduce the dance to the world at large.

Meanwhile, with production credit given to DDT, Roy X Taylor, switches style as he serves music consumers with this fast-tempo banger for your listening pleasure.

Until then enjoy “Bokor” from Roy X Taylor

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Azigiza-: Ghana didn’t take advantatge of Shatta Wale and Beyonce’s collaboration



Victor Kpakpo Addo popularly known as Reverend Azigiza Jnr has asked the government to find ways of pushing Ghanaian acts onto the international scene.

Speaking on Upside Down on Citi TV, he said Ghana did not take advantage of Shatta Wale’s feature on Beyonce’s ‘The Lion King: The gift’ album.

He said this when he was asked to assess the performance of the current crop of Ghanaian musicians.
“I really love Sarkodie. I have never met him but I think he has got something that even if the Ghana Tourist Board, the musicians union whatever can pick some three, four, five people and find ways of pushing them,” he said.
“I was excited when I saw Shatta Wale and Beyonce. It was good, I saw Stonebwoy and other people. But we can be intentional. For example, what advantage have we taken from Shatta Wale and Beyonce? What have done with it?” he asked.
He further noted that the Ghana Tourism Authority can ride on it, pick this guy and market him to the world.
“Let’s do something on CNN with this guy, inviting them to Ghana. Music is a lifestyle thing so see how you can weave other lifestyle stuff with it,” he said.
He started his Disc Jockey career in 1991 on the radio as a presenter and DJ and hosted programmes such as Joy Fm’s Joy Beach Jam, Video Vibes, Guinness Music for Your Dancing Feet on GTV and the Azigiza show.
Rev. Azigiza enrolled in some Bible schools and since become a minister of the gospel.
Watch the interview below:


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