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Monday, December 17, 2018

The all members of the public and the able stakeholders of the FN Business Awards.
Team FN Network and the FNBA Board wish to use this opportunity to thank the general
public and all stakeholders of the FNBA for making this year’s orange edition a very successful
Our gratitude to our sponsors, media partners, all nominees and fans who trooped in numbers
to attend and support the main event.
To include, FN network; the organizers of FN Business Awards 2018 disassociates itself from
Mr Elliot Kobena Aidoo also known as Wyse Brain of Wyse Multimedia and
on his involvement and claims that he is a member of the organizing board.
Kobena Wyse was a nominee under the media business of the year and only that.
He had no role or whatsoever in the organizing team and every allegation he raises is from his
personal opinions and not the real issue.
As award organizers, we owe it to the public to be credible and reputable, therefore we wish
to announce that the processes where clean, transparent and fair. Human institutions always
face the rebel-effect and we are not going to succumb to such actions.
FN Business Awards, still celebrating Ghanaian businesses in excellence.

Frederick Noamesi
CEO, FN Network

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