Takoradi Mall Grand Opening

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A grand opening it was for the Takoradi metropolis, as a new mall is added to the happiness of the people. Lots of people trooped into the new mall on the 13th day of December, 2018 to celebrate amidst music and other entertainment forms.

The thrills of the new experience includes a large parking space for all road vehicle and a well toy stocked playground for kids.
The ShopRite shopping center has it’s representation aside trade companions like MTN, Remy Martin, Essenza, Fotostore, Sanban forex Bereau and Sweet Roses Dinner.
Lots of people made the essence of the moment by joining queue to wait their turn to shop at ShopRite. It feels great sharing in the shopping experiences of Accra and Kumasi and this is what the Takoradi mall brings to it’s people. The Takoradi mall brings to the people a whole new shopping arena with great value for money and a global pricing enterprise for goods and services. It sure improves trade and commerce in the Western Region and the nation Ghana as a whole.
Comfortably situated right after the jubilee square from the Edzii roundabout is Takoradi’s new mall which is to be a delight for all who will patronise it. Some shoppers are happy to pose for the cameras while others enjoy good entertainment.
There are the likes of Essenza who are giving 10% to 50% discount on their products and ShopRite that has amazingly mind blowing prices for their goods.From my first experience of the mall I believe in better days for as long as the people of Takoradi had long awaited this wonderful addition to their joy. The opening of the mall continues with a variety of program that continues into the the weekend to ensure citizens enjoy the mall to the fullest. There is more to expect since not all shopping space is occupied, from what it looks, there’s more to be done to ensure the mall is a place to withhold by all regardless religion, sex or Creed.

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