80% of Ghanaian fashion designers are stealing their designs from Instagram and Facebook (online) – Fashion Designer Ellisha Boie

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Fashion designing just like any other field also requires a great amount of skill and innovation to stay relevant, come up with a design which can attract the masses and most importantly sell in large numbers.

No wonder majority of the current crop of designers in the country has resulted to cheaply stealing designs of mainstream fashion brands and online fashion brands both locally and internationally which have already gained Interest on to just add their own touch and repackage it, put their own logo in and make it their own.

This disgusting and cheap means being displayed by majority of designers should be stopped with immediate effect especially if we want to build a serious fashion industry where the masses will appreciate our designs as authentic and original according to the fashion designer Ellisha Boie, one of the most innovative fashion designers in the country at the moment who is pushing boundaries with his clothes.

For our designs to be patronized on the international market, we must come up with innovative, creative and most importantly Original designs which can be appreciated on the international market space instead of resulting to stealing designs online only to repackage them.


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