My Parents Support My Brand – Aroma Rule

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Young talented female musician has revealed of how strong her parents are behind her music career.

According to the singer, her parents do not impose anything on her adding that, they rather help, refine and resharp her ideas for betterment in the music Industry.

In a short interview on Thunder TV over the weekend, Aroma revealed that, aside her Showbiz dimension, her parents have also put in place concrete measures to ensure she receive the best of education that would add to a better future.

Host of the Show further asked if she’s comfortable with looks or her brand and are her parents also in agreement, Aroma replied by saying she’s very comfortable with her brand because it makes her look different from others.

“What parents are supposed to do is to assist their children to be independent emotionally, financially and spiritually. Once they are well set on these paths, there’s fulfimemt” – she stated.

The twenty years old Aroma who has two sides of her head faded with one long pink braid at the back of her hair said the parents don’t seems to have problem with her looks since it’s her brand.

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