I Feel Pity For Those Who Feel For Social Media Happenings – Stonebwoy

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There are several ways we try showing our love to our celebrities whiles they are on the stage performing and when they off the stage which results in them being hurt either physically or emotionally.

Our fans tend to hurt us on several occasions in various ways whiles they showing us love, African Raggae and Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy said in a conversation with Rhythmz live host Regina Van-helvert.

There are days I get home after my performance and realise I have the back of my palms scratched by finger nails of my fans as a results of the love they want to show me. I don’t go through this alone recently my wife was recorded on a phone by a fan whiles she was training at the gym which she has to plead the person to delete the video. Although the person did that to show his love for her she felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. Some of these things hurts us as humans.

When off the stage much love is being shown to us on the various social media platforms although some goes negative against us. Personally I just laugh when I see those stories because some bloggers post things that makes themselves feel good and it makes me feel pity for those who feel for social media happenings.


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