Ghana Stolen songs saga – Mixtic writes

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This is becoming a common phenomenon in these part of the world due to the lack of copyright laws. If there is any law like that then it can’t even bite because it looks as if u need to fight it thoroughly in the law court just to make a case and if u don’t have much cash to pursue it then dead!
Now lots of these stuff should be blamed on the lack of support for new talents and very limited resources to support creativity.
Imagine every new artiste must pass their songs to DJs , bloggers and other media men to listen to just to get approval of quality b4 releasing a job supposed to be done by music and record producers.
Sad enough these same DJs, bloggers and media men are working with various artistes who may be lacking materials to release their own Music projects, just imagine what would happen?

Day in Day out we hear of artists complaining of their songs being stolen by their fellow colleagues in the industry.There’ll be lot of discussion and debates whenever an issue of theft case arises but at the long run nothing is been done about it.We edge our music industry to put measures into order to protect each and everyone in the industry.Let’s come together to help build mother Ghana.


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