The movie zoli premieres on 7th December at Global Cinema Weija

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Ghana to witness another masterpiece as ‘ZOLI’ premiers on 7th December at the Global Cinema-Weija

Christmas is fast approaching and people are wildly looking for where to spend the holiday.

So then, why don’t we get a place where we can have fun and learn something new? Yes,the Global Cinema is the place to be on 7th December 2018 as one of the best (if not the best) movie will be premiered.

‘Zoli’ as the name suggests simply means “there is fire”. According to the Director Mr Losu Confidence, who is also dubbed one of the youngest and best directors to brace this industry said the movie lays emphasis on how our customs have been overlooked. The need to pause practicing  foreign culture is necessary as we need to reincarnate our culture and project it to the world.

Ghanaians should embrace this ideas all over the country and help us change the scene again. When asked if the industry was really dead, he disagreed with that fact and instead emphasized that “there is lack of support and unity among we the directors”. He further explained that directors will be premiering different movies in different cinemas on the same day. Instead of coming together and schedule the time and draw a timetable, we will be doing what we want without consulting each other. How do we expect viewers to follow our activities?

Veteran actor Emmanuel France also added that Ghanaians should learn to support their own and stop giving excuses of ‘upcoming’. There is nothing like upcoming, is only greedy people that hide behind that excuse and will not compensate young people for their work. Let’s support this young man for his great vision for the Ghana movie industry.

On the 7th of December, all roads are leading to the Global Cinema-Weija as we support this youngman and his team.

Watch flier for ticket reservation to avoid queue on the D-day. It costs only Gh¢35.00 for single and Gh¢60.00 for double.

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