Most Underground Artists Are Dumb, Blind, Proud, Unrealistic and Unserious. – David izz CEO Of Dice Entertainment

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Events manager/Sound Engineer/Musician/CEO of Dice Entertainment Records Label David izz reacts to an attitude he has noticed in Event Organisers Are Making A Fool Out Of Us And Fail To Pay For Our Servicesmost upcoming musicians in our music industry. had an exclusive interview with him after an excellent performance he had at an event organised by Dice Entertainment which was headlined the naughty and the sexy pool party where most of the artists signed on by the record label exhibited their talent to fans who came around seeing sexy musician Mzbel perform at the event.

Since him being an event organiser,sound engineer and owns a record label we asked him how he is coping with our upcoming artists and this is what he said; Most underground artists are Dumb, Blind, Proud, Unrealistic and Unserious all that i have mentioned at the same time.Most of them need help, but are not willing to help themselves.You ask them to meet you in the studio at a given time and will fail to meet the time given.These underground artists  want to appear at the top without working through little processes and sees little opportunities as a total flaw.Arrogance and pride has become a part of most of our underground artists which when not worked on will lead to failure in their career.It’s time they the underground artists come to realise that they can’t do it alone without us.



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