The People Would Never Disappoint Eastern Music Awards no matter how Some Media persons Forsake them – Mixtic Writes

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It sometimes feel as if the power of conviction only lie in the hands of the post powerful people in the media, well I bet to differ in the age of technology, because the power of traditional media is being swallowed by the power of a device called the smart phone and a technology called the internet.

We live in the age where recommendations are made easily through a mere chat or post on social media, with a little help from some main traditional media guys would just pass information to the masses without any hitch at even a lesser cost than one could imagine.

Let’s analyse the thread of events from the release of nominees list to the eastern music awards nominees jam we would realize the central challenge was finance and lack of support from some key members of the eastern region media fraternity. Organizers where worried and had real concerns about what to expect at a nominees jam which was postponed because of a festival in Suhum.

There came the day, some logistics were late to arrive, event stated time had passed, people were wondering if the event was coming on, then boom! 3 hours in the time event begun with an amazing crowd cheering artistes on like the show was never delayed. Even though the show had lots of challenges from production and performance periods, my correspondent revealed it was better than the previous edition.

Its very important to note that internet is a world and not a region, whiles you act as if you are showing a regional superiority over somebody remember your services can equally be rendered by somebody in another region on the same space. Just call it influence. Take note the main event is 8th December in Koforidua. God bless Ghana

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