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Digital addressing technology is a system that helps to Convert GPS coordinates to a more simplified format. According to Wikipedia, Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global navigation satellite system that provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on or near the earth where there is an obstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.
In the recent past in Ghana, addressing was a big challenge due to the poor nature of planning in certain parts of rural and urban communities. Getting directions to a business location or a residence was quiet challenging. In 2013, the government began efforts to solve this problem by naming streets to help in that direction. This was also followed by the introduction of the digital addressing system by the current government on October 18, 2017, called the Ghana Post GPS.

Ghana’s SME Space
SME is also known as Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. SMEs have been the backbone of Ghana’s Economic and social development for the past decades. They are the major drivers of job creation, revenue generation and business development in the country. The Ghanaian SME sector can be categorized in these divisions namely; manufacturing, agribusiness, ecommerce, food and beverage, retail, financial services, handy businesses just to mention a few. According to the Registrar General department of Ghana 90% of registered business are SMEs. According to a research report by Ghana Web SMEs contribute an estimated 70% to Ghana’s GDP and also account to 85% of Employment in the Ghanaian manufacturing sector. It is therefore imperative that policies been formulated by government to enhance the growth of SMEs should take into consideration inculcating the use of digital addressing systems since SMEs are a major pillar to catapult the economic growth of Ghana.

Digital addressing Systems
Besides the Ghana Post GPS, there are other digital addressing systems available that are also very useful: Google Maps, What3words, Snoocode are among some of the numerous digital addressing systems that can be accessed on the web and downloaded from Google Play store or Apple App Store. What3words is a geocoding system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres, for example office located in Madina will be called (slurred.circulate.address). Ghana Post GPS is the official digital property addressing system which covers every inch of the country and ensure that all locations in the country are addressed. This allows every location to have a unique code. A location can bear an address like GH-GM012-1048 with the Ghana Post GPS.
Social Media platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram also allow people and businesses to share their locations by the use of Google Maps.

Benefits of Digital Addressing to SME’s
The benefits of digital addressing are numerous especially to SMEs and startups in Ghana. The kenkey seller, the tailor shop, the provision seller, the hairdresser can use the digital addressing system to generate their unique addresses so their customers can locate them easily. This reduces the hustle that comes with finding locations. Courier services can use digital address given to them by these service providers to pick wares for their clients. The mechanic can locate his client’s vehicles broken down on the road and service them easily. The handy man can visit clients who need services at home just by the use of digital addressing systems.
It also ensures effective time management on the side of business managers or sales personnel who need to close deals with new clients. They will be able to arrive at their meeting location on time.
Ecommerce businesses in Ghana can also integrate digital addressing systems on their platforms so that wares or products are delivered to their clients on time. According to a research by What3Words the last mile of a parcel’s journey reaches or exceeds about 50% cost of the total delivery cost. The longer it takes for the delivery to reach the customer, the more difficult it is to reach that target. In 2015/16 consumers experienced 4.8 million delivery problems, spending 11.8 million hours trying to sort them out. Embracing digital addressing systems by these firms will optimize their operations and improve customer satisfaction. In Ghana is currently using digital addressing systems to deliver meals to their clients. Hundreds of riders are currently been trained on the usage of digital addressing system. This has cut down the start-up’s operation cost significantly.
Global Trends in Digital Addressing usage
Digital addressing Systems have been adopted by countries including: Mongolia, Cote D’Ivoire, South Africa, and Brazil among others. This has helped to unlock the economic potential of these countries and also improve national infrastructure. According to what3words For example in Brazil – Rochina, the largest Favela is a maze of thousands of tiny roads and alleys. The local post company is using what3words to offer 3 word addresses to residents. Residents are able to get their mail and online shopping delivered directly to their homes. In South Africa, a courier service startup is leveraging on digital addressing system to collect essential medicines from hospitals and clinics, then locate patients too sick to make journey themselves.

As we continue to integrate new technologies into our daily lives, the role of precise and reliable addressing systems becomes even more essential. Better addressing enhances the customer experience, delivers business efficiency, and drives growth and supports social and economic development of countries.
Government should also put in place measures to help educate and sensitize the public on the usage of digital addressing systems. I suggest that digital addressing should be a required course in our basic, secondary and tertiary institutions. Also, even as it has already been started by the government, all private and public institutions should have digital addresses at their entrance.

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Meet ken kojo Adams, the young ghanaian whose paintings can make you go hungry



Food as we all know is any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth.

I was sitting under a big mango tree one hot Saturday afternoon reminiscing on how granny used to force me just to eat from her kitchen when I used to stay with her in the village. A series of questions which I couldn’t get answers to kept running through my mind; why have we abandoned granny’s kitchen and going after fast food.

Food does more than fuelling and restoring the body with energy. According to study, some individuals going through depression recover quickly after taking in a very good meal, the satisfaction alone brings back some memories hence food being a solution to some of our psychological problems.

At the moment food is very prestigious and you can testify to the fact that food makes us keep some people in our memories and I can honestly say, I haven’t enjoyed groundnut soap for the past four years after i lost my mom, it’s very unfortunate that we are forgoing our culture in the name of technological advances and the acceptance of others culture. My people, we have to reclaim our tradition.

Culture is also influenced by food through various ways such as tradition, religion and family. This aspects are what makes us distinct from others and created a whole new society.

There are variety of food which represents the various ethnic groups in Ghana, and this is another rich culture we have to protect for the benefit of the future generations.

Gone are the days when we cherish our local foods but now we only take selfies with round open pie made with yeast dough and topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of other ingredients and we call that strength living, LOL, what made you forget about the fresh kontomire leaves with your fresh plantain or cocoyam….our generation has lost it we choosing weakness over strength.

This is the time to promote your own.

Let’s talk about “Banku”, I’m sorry wetting your appetite.

Banku is a Ghanaian dish which is cooked by a proportionate mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water into a smooth, whitish paste, served with soup, stew or a pepper sauce with fish. It is mostly preferred by the people of the Southern Regions of Ghana; the Ewe tribe of the Volta Region, the Fante and the Ga tribe but also eaten across the other regions in Ghana. Banku is found throughout Ghana, and is one of the staple foods enjoyed by all tribes in the country.

I feel that sharp pain in my heart whenever I remember some of the pioneers of this mouth watering meal files a letter of departure from Ghana. Could this be possible?, are we also going to say bye bye to the meal because they are the originators, this will probably lead to segregation which isn’t good and that’s why I suggest, just as banku and its captivating green accompaniment has been recognized and adapted by almost every ethnic group in Ghana, so should we know that we are one people and there is a common culture that holds us together.

No two ways about this, ‘banku’ is the most commonest meal every Ghanaian might have tasted, we enjoy that and have the originators in mind. Refusing to correct what is wrong is what makes it a mistake. Let love lead, Ghana.

Oh less I forget!
what’s your thought on left over Banku 😋.

Left over banku lasts for up to a week, and some prefer to keep it longer than that because the fermentation process gives it more flavour and taste if stored properly. I dare you to try that.

The best feeling is when grand mom gives you your favorite.

Below are paintings from the young artist.

Story by Ken Kojo Adams


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Young blogger UrsTruly Praiz launches the Ghana Unite Campaign ahead of 2020 elections



Elections both presidential and parliamentary as well as on any other level is one basic characteristic of every democratic nation on earth and it is just another form of exercise that gives the general masses with legitimacy in voting to make Choices and decisions as to whom they deem potential enough to hold the mantle of rule.

Amidst Ghana’s preparations towards December 7th general elections dubbed the very 8th one since time in memorial, much has been said and done thereby leaving some with joy but others in great fear and suspense.

Well, we at PraizFame Media Africa Inc, the owners of regard this year’s elections as another very simple nationwide activity that should be conducted with so much peace and understanding void of fights,misunderstandings and forceful but illegal movements by anyone and for that reason comes the peace dubbed campaign “Ghana Unite”.

This very new development is one of the social media campaigns that has been set to promote peaceful atmosphere before and after the elections come December.

The masses acclaimed Ghana’s youngest blogger Emmanuel Quainoo Otoo professionally known as UrsTruly Praiz spearheads this very initiative and urges all Ghanaians to jump on this.

All one has to do is to share a 30 seconds video of him/herself urging Ghanaians to ensure peaceful atmosphere before and after the elections on WhatsApp number 0264770404

Let’s join hands and make this happen for Ghana is all that Ghanaians have.

Story: UrsTruly Praiz

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Awo Komi has emerged winner at the just ended Forty Under 40 Awards held on 25th September 2020 at the Kempinski Hotel, Accra.

The Forty Under 40 Awards had 40 categories and Awo Komi beat the competition to emerge the winner for the Food/Catering and Beverage category.

The Food/Catering and Beverages category had nominees like David Agongo Nsor (Dave Culinary and Event Firm), Dr. Nana Achiaa Ankrah ( Saliscom Limited, Arise Food), Sylvia Tweneboah Koduah( Noa ma me), Mariam Senou Mohammed ( Tasty Trails), and Benjamin Nii Amo ( Awo Komi).

Awo Komi is a food production company that produces special and delicious Ga kenkey in an appealing way. It has branches across Accra in areas such as at Okponglo, Legon, First Light Kaneshie all in Accra.

The Forty Under 40 Awards is usually organized in order to identify, honor, and celebrate a cross-section of the nation’s most influential and accomplished young business leaders under the age of forty from a wide range of industries.

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