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We live in a country where demonstration seems to be the only thing that when done gives us the solution to whatever we asking for from our leaders.

Many petitions have been made concerning poor roads from our villages to the cities and also storage for food crops in our villages.

We yet to know the motivation behind the government importing certain things into the country whiles we already have them here.

Fresh Tomatoes thrown away for lack of sales in Bulambuli because the roads are very bad that the cost of transportation cannot be recovered from sales and it’s not as if they haven’t complained to the government but we will rather import the same tomatoes from Burkina Faso, Mali etc.

Is it that they just happy importing some of these things into the country or there’s something they get in return financially when they go in for these businesses that we don’t know or is it for some selfish gain?

We are in this country giving names to budget as if it is going bring any hope in our lives.Why wont Donald Trump call us a “Shit Hole country”.

Leaders of this country should just wake up from their sleep,the cost of importation can be invested in construction of our roads and getting a warehouse to store our foodstuffs.

Together We can Save Mother Ghana.Long Live Ghana.


Story Credit: Bishop Agbey Wisdom Jnr


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