PHOTOS: Rebranding hits Bless Nation as Jessy Gh adopts ‘Arabian style’

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It is important for an individual to be recognized for something or be an image of something. In as much as we can tell the difference between Kuborlor and Manifest using their appearance. An expensive brand attracts big contracts because it is valuable. Better still, Manifest is known as an artist who deals with Africa fabrics whilst Kuborlor walk bare-footed.

Branding can be the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in a consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding also aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Biologically named Jessy Honu Edem but popularly known as Jessy Gh in the music fraternity,this versatile artiste,Jessy, who has been constantly used to compare other prominent musicians such as Fuse ODG, Mugeez etc due to his unimaginable control over instrumentals and beats,has rebranded himself in a new model. The young man has brought dynamism in his appearance by adopting the Arabian style of dressing.

Speaking to Promos Gh,Jessy stated that he wants to bring something unique into his career and the music industry as a whole,something that will be peculiar to him and his fans. “My team and i opted for the Arabian brand because it is the best look so far that can really describe the new me,talking of my new upcoming songs,videos,performances,interviews etc,and also stand as an evidence to the extraordinary greatness am about to unleash to the world” he says.

After releasing 350mb,Bless Me,Savage and Torgbui Tsali this year, the Bless Nation front art also did his version of Sarkodie’s “Biibi Ba Challenge” which he entitled “Nane Gborna” simply translated “Something is coming”. Furthermore,Jessy was also featured on Pub Records Big 6 Project which involved other 5 big artistes from the volta region after been recognised in the region.When quizzed about his next release,he only smiled and said “Nane Gborna, mi nor nut3” (something is coming, you should all be on guard). If the ground is hot, the foot feels it first.

Below are few pictures portraying Jessy’s New “Arabian brand”.

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