Dynamic barriers of Volta, A Volta region Showbiz Story – Mixtic writes

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Ny3bro, Weizor loo, Akpe sia, Interestingly this is the furthest i can go trying to greet my honorary family from the Volta side. Havinvg opportunity to work in the media in the volta region means so much to me and that is the reason why i feel very passionate when voicing out some concerns about the progress of the Region’s Show business, this very article is not an attack but an observation i have made that i wanna share with all members of the Volta region showbiz fraternity.

From either home or afar, volta region can boast of some of the biggest artistes in the country currently, if u can help me count few then read the numerals on Stonebwoy, EL, Mzvee, Edem, S3fa, Lyrical Joe, Ex doe, Agbeshie and some other few if i couldn’t mention off head, No matter how far the are from home these names always try to associate their identity to the region, very interesting! as much as we speak of established names as the few mentioned we can also try and acknowledge some few hardworking hopefuls like , KD Bakes, Hecta, Keeny Ice, Jessy, Seyfame, King Enam, Evivim, Zygee and lots of others who are very much showing us that there is always hope in volta region music.

What really is the issue affecting the region has been the availability of events and sponsorships whereas when an event planner even have a great concept it would be difficult to get an investor or a corporate body sponsoring your concept which would either lead you to making the event a very small scale event or seize to execute it at all, then we can say there is a big problem because without the biggest platforms to showcase talents there is no way the emerging talents can get the necessary exposure to help them flourish as superstars which means they would have to relocate into the capital to try and get the resources they require to make the name before returning some few of their earned fortunes back home. Corporate Ghana from the volta region or away from the region but with high interest in the region must support event organizers’ like the eventic Ghana guys organizing the Volta Music Awards to create a world class platform that can showcase volta talents to the world.

Music is dynamic and the media these days is saturated, a space which has traditional mediums fighting electronic online mediums to survive which means culture and traditions are been tampered with across the world to help the survival of music and showbiz. Therefore language is very key in any attempt to cross the musical boarders which bring attention to Edem trying to blend the English language with Twi and Ewe to keep him relevant in every part of the country he finds himself and also when he crosses the borders of Ghana into the world he would still be understood somehow.

I would conclude giving some acknowledgements to big brains like Elorm Beenie, Jonilar, Dossey hunter smith, Arnold wailer, Bright ellis, Chorpie Popkie, Harry Ahovi and all the other media guys who have dedicated their time and resource to help push the image of the region and a very big shouts to Edem who consistently try to use his influence to help young talents from the region. Permit me to end by voicingv out my displeasure with how slow the progress of the previous winner of discovery of the year award at the VMA Zygee’ has been when we were informed the award came with a recording contract by Brainy beatz, i am still praying everything turn around to help sustain the credibility of the next Award. God Bless Ghana, God bless Volta region, pardon me to say number9!

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