Women Should Pay Groom Pride.

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The head of Broadcast Journalism department of All Stars Media College, Master Kwabena Gbormita has started during one of his lectures that, since the issue of rights of women have become a serious topic for discussion in the name of equality, women should also be encouraged to propose and pay for groom’s pride during marital rites.


Master Gbormita, lamented about how Africans at large and Ghanaian to be precise have let down their guards of protecting African culture against Foreign culture. Which has poisoned the minds of our youths to the extend that, women now claim equal rights with men. This he said is paving the way for numerous broken homes, since women are competing with their husbands all in the name of rights.


It is against the above background that he advocates that, if women are becoming equal in terms of right, then they should also take up the responsibilities men assumed in marriage by proposing and paying for the groom pride.

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